Monday, January 24, 2011

It ain't all the things you don't know; it's all the things you know that ain't so.
Resisting climate hysteria by Richard Lindzen
****The effects of politically-motivated junk science are not benign.Environmentalist nuts have prevented the construction of dams that would have palliated the flooding in Queensland, Australia and the changing of levees that would have reduced the effects of Katrina in New Orleans. Also, vaccines do NOT cause autism in children but many children were denied vaccination while the false claims had to be dealt with.What accounts for the Left's embracing of all this folly? Perhaps it's a desire to save the world by endorsing some simplistic position that makes them feel useful without the necessity of actually learning scientific method and the humility that comes with it. It is the certainty of religious faith that stokes fervor.For professional scientists, going along with nonsense is lamentably due to the desire for notoriety and grant money that causes them to endorse positions that are unsustainable by actual science.The politicization of science is quite dangerous because remediation of natural disasters is often precluded.****

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